FUEL UP TO PLAY 60 IS BACK AGAIN! 6 Years... Bigger & Better Than Ever!

cropped maze photo

Our one-of-a-kind maze design features the ‘Fuel Up To Play 60’ logo, promoting the National Dairy Council and NFL program to encourage everyone to get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day and eat a balanced, healthy diet, featuring low-fat dairy foods and farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Bet you didn’t know that one glass of ice cold milk gives your body more potassium than a sports drink, while also providing you with calcium, vitamins, and minerals for healthy, strong bones and muscles.

One of the best ways to get your 60 is to come and solve our huge, interactive maze. Use your map and punch card, find the checkpoints, and find your way out! Play F.S.I. and other games within the maze! Register to win great prizes for completing your punch card and conquering the maze!

Over 6 miles of trails! 3 levels of difficulty!
Play Farm Tracks & FSI in the mazes! Haunted maze!

Weekends in October, get ready for Frightmare Field, our haunted maze! No lights, no maps….just you and what waits in the corn! New effects and state of the art scares! You’ll pay to get in, but you’ll pray to get out!

One last thing: While we expect you to have tons of fun and make wonderful memories here, we do also expect you to respect the maze, the animals and other people. Please stay on designated paths within the maze – DO NOT cut through the field. This results in destruction to the field and the maze design. Individuals violating this policy will be asked to leave. Also, please do not smoke or use an open flame of any type in the maze. Dry corn and fire do not mix.

Please do not drop off your children at the maze. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Please remember to wear appropriate footwear – tennis shows or boots are best. Flip flops and sandals make the going pretty rough, so we advise against these. If the weather is warm, you might want to take a bottle of water or other beverage into the maze; just remember to bring it back out.We hope you will join us for “The A-Maze-ing Farm Adventure” – we’re sure you’ll have an A-Maze-ing time!